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IMPORTANT: If you run this game and you get the error which contains D3DXCompile failed, you're Directx for your computer isn't up to date. And even if it is, it may be missing some features. But there is a free fix that's easy to download and do: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=35

This is a demo of Vivid!, an indie title in the works since late 2014. This download contains an optional Tutorial Stage and a Normal Stage for you to freely play through. Try to see if you can get Gold or even the absurd Platinum Rank!

Vivid! is an action-packed platformer where your color dictates how you interact with certain objects or attack. You will need to manage your color to effectively take out targets, platform, puzzle solve, or discover new areas. Searching for Color Stars is vital for upgrading Weapons, filling your Color Boost Meter, or getting a better rank.

UPDATE 1.5: THE COMBAT UPDATE - Now Vivid's normal attacks have been renewed with all sorts of new ways to fight! Pause while playing to check the move list to learn how to do different attacks! Holding Down will also switch Color Blocks when landing!

SECRET: When you beat the main stage of the demo, select it and go to the weapons. You'll now be ale to try out  different ones! They are unfinished but ready for feedback! You can also swap to Vivid's dog, Spirit, by pressing Y-button or the Z-key after you've beaten it. She isn't made in mind for this demo but players can play as her to give feedback on how she controls.

NOTE: Best played with a controller! If the controls aren't to your liking, configure them. But do tell us about any default presets for future versions!

This game has had a long time in development and I am happy where it has gotten. There is still a long road to travel before it is finished, take a look at some of my blogs for more information on the history and philosophy behind it: https://lucasmaxbros.wordpress.com/

Please note that the music in this particular demo is circumstantial and not permanent. It will not be in the main game but we hope you enjoy it. Please report any bugs or problems. There are still many things to be fixed or added, such as a Vsync option.

One last thing: If you happen to be a speed runner or know of a speed runner who might be interested, we'd like to know! We have been trying to make this game very speed run friendly and are wondering how some might try to go about tackling it. Thank you.

CREDIT: LucasMaxBros, Andrew Nyte, Rux Ton, phonicboomunltd

Created with Game Maker: Studio

Please support us so we can finish this project. We hope to make a Kickstarter in the near future! Follow here for updates: https://twitter.com/LucasMaxBros

Install instructions

46 MB Installer


Vivid!beta1.5.21.exe 45 MB


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I played the demo and I really liked it. All the characters are cute and well designed with a sketchy drawn to life art style.

The controls take some getting used too (especially with a low-end intel processor), but overall are fine. I used a gamepad for my play through and noticed that the analog sensitivity was high. Vivid would sometimes slowly inch her way across the room even after letting go of the joystick. A way to adjust this in the options menu would be nice.

If you have the time to spare, please have a look at this article. https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/ZachBurke/20151030/257920/The_5_Golden_Rules_of_...

I'll be following the development of Vivid, looking forward to the final product. Keep up the good work. 

Slow inch? I'm not sure how that would happen. The sensitivity shouldn't cause that, you have to move the analog stick a ways before she starts moving. With the exception of checking for any other controllers players might want to use besides the first one detected, I'm covered in terms of input controls. I'll look into it though, thanks.