A downloadable Vivid

Before you play:

  • Please play through the TUTORIAL if this is your first time!
  • Currently only for Windows
  • 52 MB download
  • Controller recommended! PS4/Switch/3rd party controllers may not work
  • 20-30 minutes of material + extra stuff after beating the main level
  • If you get a FATAL ERROR with "D3DXCompile failed", there is a solution! You need to install a missing driver for your computer. It's simple and quick. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=35

This is a demo of Vivid! An indie title in the works since late 2014. This download contains an optional Tutorial Stage and a Normal Stage for you to freely play through. Try to see if you can get Gold or even the absurd Platinum Rank!

Vivid! is an action-packed platformer where your color dictates how you interact with certain objects or attack. You will need to manage your color to effectively take out targets, platform, puzzle solve, or discover new areas. Searching for Color Stars is vital for upgrading Weapons, filling your Color Boost Meter, or getting a better rank.

UPDATE 1.6.3

NEW WEAPONS! Once you beat the demo or use a special command, you will unlock some new weapons to try out! 18 in total with unique movesets and everything. If you've played before and don't want to beat the levels all over to unlock, then while on the Level Select Screen, hold UP and press whatever you have ATTACK set to. This will unlock everything for you to try out. NOTE: These weapons and such are a Work In Progress and do not have unique sound effects. They are being tested currently.

NOTE: Best played with a controller! If the controls aren't to your liking, configure them. But do tell us about any default presets for future versions!


Fixed some things like being able to use the dash to walljump constantly up one wall and other bugs! Also the Dash Pin functions differently!

This game has had a long time in development and I am happy where it has gotten. There is still a long road to travel before it is finished, take a look at some of my blogs for more information on the history and philosophy behind it: https://lucasmaxbros.wordpress.com/

Please note that the music in this particular demo is circumstantial and not permanent. It will not be in the main game but we hope you enjoy it. Please report any bugs or problems. There are still many things to be fixed or added, such as a Vsync option.

One last thing: If you happen to be a speed runner or know of a speed runner who might be interested, we'd like to know! We have been trying to make this game very speed run friendly and are wondering how some might try to go about tackling it. Thank you.

CREDIT: LucasMaxBros, Andrew Nyte, Rux Ton, phonicboomunltd

Created with Game Maker: Studio




Install instructions

51 Mb EXE file

May need a DirectX download to utilize shaders for some computers


Vivid!demo1.6.3.2.exe 50 MB

Development log


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What a wonderful demo. It feels like you took some of the best parts of kirby levels and made it into a fun game. There's a lot of thought put into the switching mechanic and to make each weapon feel very fun kudos.

I don't have any gripes at the moment other than some weapons are inherently easier to use than others (the axe taking some used to) and it being daunting on some players all the switching and mechanics. There's a lot in there, especially in the upgrades, that may need to be explained. 


Thanks! There is definitely a lot to take in, so I plan on making something to ease players into it in the full game.  It's kinda the downside of doing a demo for a game like this, ya kinda got to put in some of the more interesting mechanics in it without the stuff that'll ease the player into it that a full version could(Which is why I made a short tutorial just in case). But this is not a game I expect everyone to get or fully know the mechanics of for the first few levels, beyond Color Swapping, attacking, and some platforming.

I really like the artstyle and I feel like the different abilities at Vivid's disposal are simple to use but have  a lot of versatility. I got stuck on the beaver part with the axes on the second wall you have to scale that also has normal blocks. Regardless, I've really enjoyed playing the demo and I'm going to try to play through it again later. 

Thanks for playing! That's an optional side room to test out the Ax's Wall Scaling abilities. It's just a matter of figuring out where and how to scale the Blue Blocks or walljumping. 

I played the demo and I really liked it. All the characters are cute and well designed with a sketchy drawn to life art style.

The controls take some getting used too (especially with a low-end intel processor), but overall are fine. I used a gamepad for my play through and noticed that the analog sensitivity was high. Vivid would sometimes slowly inch her way across the room even after letting go of the joystick. A way to adjust this in the options menu would be nice.

If you have the time to spare, please have a look at this article. https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/ZachBurke/20151030/257920/The_5_Golden_Rules_of_...

I'll be following the development of Vivid, looking forward to the final product. Keep up the good work. 

Slow inch? I'm not sure how that would happen. The sensitivity shouldn't cause that, you have to move the analog stick a ways before she starts moving. With the exception of checking for any other controllers players might want to use besides the first one detected, I'm covered in terms of input controls. I'll look into it though, thanks.