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This was an old game I made when I started programming. This isn't really a good game, but I'm uploading it to show how I started out for some friends of mine and compare it to what I can make now. So be careful if you do play it, not everything will run smoothly!

This is a horizontal shooter about a dude named Rai. He has a suit that allows him to use 4 different attacks that he can level up by collecting Triangles from enemies. These attacks include a fast lightning shot, a hard-hitting flamethrower, a sound attack that produces bouncing waves, and an ice attack that breaks into multiple shards.

There's also a speed up feature so you can fly through the levels faster in case you want to get a move on things. Be warned as it can quickly turn the tides against you. Rai can also dash but don't use it on an enemy/boss, sometimes it can crash your game...but you'll need it to become invincible to avoid obstacles briefly.

RaiGear can be very difficult (mainly due to the fact I was young and didn't have a good grip on coding nor at applying difficulty curves). Dying will mean losing all of your powers.

Install instructions

This is an .exe file which will just run the game. The game was made with Game Maker: Studio... using the Drag N Drop system. Embarrassing, but it works. Just be careful with using the dash and fire attacks.


RaiGear.exe 21 MB

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